Portrait of Two Xiang Ladies – 漢來大飯店 (The Grand Hi Lai Hotel)

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[Story of the two Xiang ladies] Two ladies called Erhuang and Nuying, who were the daughters of the legendary Yao were married to Shun. The former, who was the elder sister, was the first wife and was called Jun after marriage; the latter one was the second wife and became called Furen. At one time, Shun made an imperial inspection tour in the south of the country. Unfortunately, he died in Cangwu Mountain. Hearing the news, the two ladies wept bitterly. Owing to their deep pain and thinking about the late husband, soon they died in Xian River. Their bodies were buried in Dongting Mountain. It is said that they both became goddesses of Xian River.  As a Chinese-painting artist who had stayed in Japan, Fu Yi-yao has won a great reputation in Japan. She is also a daughter of the celebrated Chinese painter Fu Bao-shi.  Her main painting achievement is demonstrated in Japanese folk worshipping composition paintings and in a series of large-sized mural paintings of stories about Buddhism. She often uses a Japanese woodcut technique in her works and also retains the style of Chinese ink-and-water paintings.

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