Ancient Bridge – 漢來大飯店 (The Grand Hi Lai Hotel)

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Coming from Guangdong Provience, Wu Bu-yun is specialized in Western oil paintings. The only one objective of painting for him is: when looking at his paintings, audiences can immediately recognize that these paintings are made by a Chinese. What he has shown us is oil paintings with Chinese charactersitics and ethnic meaning.  Having travelled everywhere, Wu Bu-yun has made efforts towards multiculturalism. At an early age when he lived in Hong Kong, he adopted realism to depict life in Hong Kong society. Soon, he also travelled all over the famous mountains and great rivers of China. Portraying magnificent landscapes, his paintings were filled with strong and lively atmospheres. Later, he settled down in Canada. Lakes, mountains and other sceneries, varying with the four seasons in Canada, are all beautifully presented in his works. His brushwork is short and quick. Thus, his works look rather like Chinese river-and-mountain landscapes.  His oil paintings have great variety. In the use of oil paint, he was much concerned to understand the nature of colours. In matching colours, after various colours are blended, a bright-coloured appearance still remains

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