Top of the Marble Table with Sideboard – 漢來大飯店 (The Grand Hi Lai Hotel)

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In interior-furnished and decorated style in the neo-classical period, designs and patterns of Roman artistic style were adopted in a big way. Furniture choices were intended to be composed of fine and elegant geometrical elements.  Having symbolic patterns such as violins and flowers, the front decorative sheet made of wulnut wood has two movable drawers, locks and four copper rings. What makes the table so special is the top of the marble table. The table is accompanied with a sideboard reflecting the fashion for its contemporary multi-material use. In order to increase the decorative amusement, bronze carvings are often used to decorate the table feet. Although neo-classicism was intended to return back to more intellectual ideas, it still used decorations in small parts about which people did not care so much. Curved table feet give a stable and classic impression. This French classic and elegant presentation is not like sense of metallic heaviness in Baroque period at all.

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