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Among all the Qing Dynasty’s artistic furniture, an armchair with a curved back is the most representative.  [Characteristics of an Armchair with a Curved Back] Such a kind of armchair is wide and large, and looks assertive and dignified. The whole design of the armchair is magnificent, like a throne. In patterns, the goals of having as many decorations as possible and of looking as prosperous and gorgeous as possible are pursued. Diverse materials and many kinds of handicrafts are also used. Backs and handrails are also crucial elements in the armchair so that a three-folded, five-folded or multiple-folded screen is seemingly built up. The times of making this kind of armchair is the high Qing period. At that time, politics were stable and the economy was prosperous. The unique-style furnitures at that stage are in the tune with social development, people’s needs and technological progress – demonstrating prosperous circumstances.