Four Tigers in a Tranquil Mountain Streem – 漢來大飯店 (The Grand Hi Lai Hotel)

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This painter’s name is Ze, his formal name is Shan-zi and his self-chosen name is Lu-chi. He comes from Sichuan, China. He is Zhang Da-qian’s elder brother.  Zhang Shan-zi and his younger brother Da-qian have different personalities: Shan-zi was concerned about his country and people and thus won a reputation as a patriotic painter whereas Da-qian was optimistic and straightward and was never concerned about politics. In painting, Da-qian was good at painting flowers. Shan-zi mastered painting animals, especially tigers. Feeding tigers in order to paint them, he is regarded as the most famous Chinese painter of tigers since the Ming Dynasty. In this picture, four tigers have their various expressions and have eyes with a piercing gleam and strong spirit. The tigers’ hairs are fine and delicately drawn. The mountain scenery is brilliantly arranged. The tigers’ stripes are strongly and magnificently painted. His special ways involve delicate lines, a strong spirit and smooth movements – which make the tigers seem so real, their stripes brilliant, and their postures so energetic and agile. There are also clouds and mists winding up into the mounatains all over the painting, resulting in a charming appearance. All the above fully present the painter’s inner style.

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