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Having been influenced by modernism, the art of the twentieth century had been rebellious against classicism and decorative art. Strong, energetic and efficient lines, bright colours, mixed-medium such as metal, glass, and other new synthetic resins have become crucial characteristics. Acrylic crystal has high-degree diaphaneity. So it looks refined. Being plastic-like and glass-like, the material has certain characteristics, that is, it is easy to proceed with processing, to cut it into any shape and to carve any characters and drawings on it. Following the style of decorative arts of the period, the artist uses a triangle shape as his basic innotive prototype and smoothly and concisely cuts acrylic crystal in a big way. Using a highly complex method, he also carves whirl shapes. In the work, he focuses chiefly on the facial expressions where he deliberately creates conflicts. He also lets the human body desire to shake off its physical limits. The work highlights the artists of the twentieth century facing challenge of industrialized times and asking how to continue retaining a self-reflection of the humanistic spirit.

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