Cultural Tour – 漢來大飯店 (The Grand Hi Lai Hotel)

Cultural Tour


Arts of Kaohsiung


The Beauty of Architecture


The beauty of Arts&Living&Cuisine

Arts and Culture

The Grand Hi-Lai Hotel has approximately 3000 pieces of artwork in collection with total value at three hundred million New Taiwanese dollars. There is an art and culture program in which guests are given an in-depth introduction to 20 pieces of selected work. The rest of the collection is exhibited at various locations in the hotel, including Hi-Lai International Executive Club on the 11th floor, the hotel lobby, International Banquet Hall on the 9th floor, the four Asian restaurants on the 10th floor, the Executive Lounge on the 40th floor, the Hi-Lai Suite on the 42nd floor and the restaurants on the 45th floor. The collection features famous artists such as Shan Jie Chang, Bu Yun Wu and Fu Yi Yao. Rarely seen genuine artwork will take you on an artistic adventure from present day to our ancient past.

The beauty of Living

The Grand Li-Lai Hotel offers 540 of the finest guest rooms with a homey atmosphere as well as royal luxury. The Hi-Lai Presidential Suite, the most prestigious room at the Grand Hi-Lai, features antique furniture, murals, extravagant hangings, designer crystal artwork and beautiful paintings. Designed by the prominent American designer Dennis Reedy, the 463㎡ presidential suite cost three hundred million to build. In addition to heads of state of various countries, the Hi-Lai Suite has also accommodated superstars like Michael Jackson, internationally-acclaimed tenor Jose Carreras and the CEO of Louis Vuitton International.

The Hi-Lai Suite contains numerous rooms and is primarily divided into three areas: dining hall and living quarters, reception room and master’s bedroom. The spacious 165㎡ dining hall and living quarters have a 5.5m raised ceiling which adds to the dignified air of the royal suite. Other features are large round cherry wood table is adequate for hosting 12-22 people and a kitchen stocked with professional facilities. Right next to the dining area is an entertainment room where guests may enjoy karaoke or watch movies after dinner.

The dining hall and living quarters are connected to the 46㎡living room which is set in a classical European style and features a 1830 antique bracket clock and handmade Persian carpets. The entire room which is furnished with gold antiques glows with radiance and classical grandeur.

The beauty of Cuisine

The Grand Hi-Lai Hotel features the largest banquet hall in Southern Taiwan. With a total area of 2110㎡, the hall is able to host up to 2000 people. The hotel also features 13 restaurants of Chinese and Western style, including the four Asian restaurants on the 10th floor: the Cantonese Jade Garden, Japanese restaurant Ben Kei, Shanghainese Dumpling and the Seafood Hot Pot Restaurant. These four restaurants which make up the Oriental Haven were renovated and reopened in August 2005. The Steak House, Teppanyaki Restaurant and the Lobster Bar are found on the 45th floor, allowing you to enjoy gourmet while admiring the beauty of the Kaohsiung city view. The chef team of the Shanghainese Dumpling Restaurant on the 9th floor is from the prominent Ding-Tai-Feng. The restaurant’s open kitchen lets you watch a demonstration of the chef’s handicraft. The Grand Hi-Lai is an integrated palette of different origins and flavors, the ultimate stage for culinary art.

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