Join the Club

Club Member Information

  • Admission requirement: Persons over the age of 20 with proper conduct and occupation, or legally authorized businesses and organizations of all nationalities are welcome to apply.
  • Membership types: Individual Member, Group Member and Associate Member.

How to apply

  • Please complete a membership application form and sign a membership agreement. Your application needs approval from the club.

  • Individual Member

    1. A photocopy of personal Identification Card or passport
    2. A photocopy of registered residence certificate
    3. Four 2.5” recent bust photographs (colour)
  • Group Member

    1. Photocopy of company’s license
    2. Company’s Seal Registration Certificate
    3. Photocopy of the personal identification of the company’s legal agent
    4. Certificate of Employment Service
    5. Photocopy of personal income tax return from the company
  • Associate Member

    1. Photocopy of personal Identification Card or passport
    2. Photocopy of registered residence certificate
    3. Four 2.5” recent bust photographs (colour)

Membership fee

Contract Term Membership Type Application Fee Monthly maintenance fee
One Year Individual NT$45k NT $2,500/person
Associate NT$ 30k
Ten Years Individual NT$ 180k
Associate NT$ 100k
Group NT$ 420k/ 3people
Associate NT$ 100k
  • Note: An additional NT$140,000 will be charged upon every new corporate member added under one company.A Group is allowed to have up to 5 members.

    1. Membership fee: must be paid in full upon admission into the club.
    2. Monthly fee: must be paid at the beginning of every month.
    3. Individual and corporate members’ spouses and immediate family may apply for associate membership and have access to same facilities. ( associate applications are limited to 3 people per individual/corporate member)
    4. From 21st year onwards, if the contract is not terminated, members are free charge of the membership fee. Members only need to pay the monthly fee until they terminate the contract or pass away.

Member Rights and Benefits

  • Complimentary access to the outdoor pool, sauna, gym, aerobic studio, squash courts and other facilities located on the 11th and 12th floors.
  • Your names will appear on the membership card. Member privileges are not transferable.
  • Members are eligible for three hours of free parking when they visit the Club.
  • Upon showing your membership card, members are eligible for 10% discount on all purchases in the Club and all restaurants in Hi-Lai Hotel except the International Banquet Hall and banquets with more than three tables.
  • Members are eligible for contract discount and priority booking when making reservations in the Hotel for him/herself or on behalf of relatives and colleagues.
  • Members are eligible for a 20% discount on venue fee when booking VIP meeting facilities.
  • Member’s family, friends and guests, when accompanied by the member, can access all the facilities and services of the club but are required to pay for the fees incurred. Members shall advise your companions about relevant rules pertaining to the Club. The Club retains the right to request certain members to leave.
  • Payment for purchases made in the Club should be made with credit card or cash.
  • Further notice of events and announcements will be released once they become available.


Contact us: Telephone: (07)213-5757 – Fax: (07)215-3034