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Members Only

The Hi-Lai International Executive Club designs programs for your health. We schedule fitness classes from Monday to Sunday for your convenience. Our professional coaches offer on-site instructions whenever you visit the club.This is for reference purposes only, please consult our monthly timetable for further details.

  • Spinning Class

    Modeled after a regular bicycle, spinning might seem like light exercise. But no other fitness equipment helps you burn more calories faster than the spinning bike!

  • Mat Exercises

    Free your mind to be true to your heart. Mat Exercises blend health and nature to your body.

  • Latin Aerobics

    This course incorporates Latin dance elements into traditional aerobic movements and helps enhance your cardiocircular functions, consume fat and tone up your body.

  • Pilates

    A new trend in fitness across the globe, pilates is a blend of Western kinesiology, oriental yoga and spiritual devotion.

  • Belly Dancing

    Dance in allure to Arabian music through abdominal movements. Your waist will pull in as the obliques tone up.

  • Kendo

    The battle is decisive within seconds. Kendo Zen combines spiritual values and physical elements that helps you stay calm and focused.

  • Swimming Courses

    Would you like to learn how to swim before summer comes? Would you like to stroll and glide in water? If you used to sink like a rock, this course will help you swim like a shark.

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