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Located at the 9th floor of Hanshin Arena, the Hanshin Arena Branch of Cantonese Jade Restaurant is the first restaurant to combine the distinct flavors and regional specialties from every corner of China. Our chef’s signature dishes, desserts, and our beverage selection are sure to satisfy the most demanding of criteria.Integrating both Oriental and Western concepts, the hall upholds a fashionable Chinese style. An ancient Chinese cabinet wall stands nobly under a black and hollow ceiling divided into grids by wooden pillars. The hanging pendants’ reflected light mingles with the warm lamplight. Partitions separate independent space subtly and artfully.Our open kitchen emulates the “show kitchen” concept: customers can watch the chefs while enjoying their meals, appreciating both the taste and the effort gone into it at the same time. To behold the masterful cutting skills and the seamless preparation of the chefs is like watching theater.