Dining services – 漢來大飯店 (The Grand Hi Lai Hotel)

Dining services

Our 13 different Chinese, Western, and Japanese restaurants and bakeries are managed by only the most experienced chefs, with only the highest quality service provided to ensure your comfort. Decorated by famous designers, the dining environment is both spacious and comfortable, and the intricate and luxurious booths provide a relaxing atmosphere. The food is both local and fresh, and of the highest quality.

Deli & Bakery

The fragrance of baking goods will lure you to this warm and inviting corner located in the hotel lobby. Prominent dessert chefs make t
Order Line Tel:+886 72135788#7098

Lobby Lounge

Located in the hotel lobby, the lounge features luxurious sofas in the lavishly decorated space. Sublime desserts, refined wine and dri
Order Line Tel:+886 72135730

Taiwanese Restaurant

The “Taiwanese Restaurant” of Grand Hi-Lai Hotel is the most luxurious and comfortable restaurant in the south of Taiwan. Offering not
Order Line Tel:+886 72135739

Cantonese Jade Garden Restaurant

Our famous Hongkongnese chef prepares classic Cantonese indulgences and all kinds of dim sum. A luxurious VIP lounge is available for y
Order Line Tel:+886 72135737

Japanese Restaurant Ben Kei

Japanese culinary genius Gomisawa prepares cuisine in person, creating delectable and captivating Japanese cuisine artistry. The kitche
Order Line Tel:+886 72135731

Shanghainese Dumpling

Tender and juicy Shanghainese dumplings are many people's favourite. We have recruited the famous Ding-Tai-Fong team of chefs, who
Order Line Tel:+886 72135751

Seafood Hotpot Restaurant

We are the only professional hotpot restaurant in southern Taiwan that serves primarily seafood specialties bringing in the freshest su
Order Line Tel:+886 72135752


漢來美食集團首創先例 搶下全球代理權 香港米其林二星「名人坊」進駐高雄漢來大飯店 台灣菜單80%與香港同步 20%嚴選在地高檔食材
Order Line Tel:07-213-5732

Harbour Restaurant

The ceiling stretches high in a spacious restaurant that opens to the panoramic harbour view. The buffet style restaurant offers as man
Order Line Tel:+886 721357562

Steak House

The chefs charbroil food and bring out the natural aroma and taste in these quality indulgences. The restaurant offers a salad bar with
Order Line Tel:+886 721357563

Lobster Bar

Stars twinkle outside the window as lights glitter across the harbour. Candles flicker in the enchanting piano music.
Order Line Tel:+886 721357565

Teppanyaki Restaurant

Creative circular iron plate tabletops exemplify the restaurant's unique style. Our chefs' culinary skill ensures that you en
Order Line Tel:+886 721357567

Pool Side Cafe

Located next to the outdoor pool on the 11th floor, the Pool Side Cafe creates a relaxing atmosphere with an intoxicating view. The poo
Order Line Tel:07-213-5753
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