Accommodation experience

Reservation APP

Download the “HiLai EZ Stay” APP and become a member of “HiLai EZ Stay” by simply moving your fingers. You can make your reservation with only a few simple steps. Don’t worry, making reservations with our APP will not expose your bill information. Your privacy is safe with us. Log onto Google Play or App Store to download the “HiLai EZ Stay” APP and receive discounts from time to time.

Self-service check-in machine

In HiLai EZ Stay, you can check yourself in with our self-service check-in machine in the lobby. The self-service check-in steps are simple with an easy-to-use inquiry system. Check-in and check-out can be finished in as fast as 30 seconds. Say goodbye to the long queue and enjoy every second of your stay.

The robot butler Hi-Ro

As soon as you step in HiLai EZ Stay, our AI robot butler Hi-Ro will be the first one to greet you. During your stay, if you need extra supplies or have other requests, just pick up the service phone and our smart Hi-Ro will be by your door with the things you need in no time. The intention of Hi-Ro is to avoid disturbing our guests and protect their privacy.