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  • A three-hour light trip Part 3

    • Tour Duration
      3 hours
    • Number of People
      More than two person
    The scenic area closest to HSR Zuoying Station
    The powerfully imposing Dragon and Tiger Pagodas on the pond side
    Search for the ancient ruins of our forefathers in the old city of Zuoying
    Before arriving at Rei Feng Night Market, the most popular night market in Kaohsiung, for having a big feast at the end of your journey
    • The reflections of Dragon and Tiger Pagodas

      • 16:30Zuoying Lotus Pond

        Zuoying Lotus Pond is known for its “glowing sunset” owing to the reflections of the unique shape of Ban-Ping Mountain beside the lake from afar and Dragon and Tiger Pagodas that stand near in the water. The gorgeous scenery can be vaguely seen amidst the

    • The widest ancient city well-preserved in Taiwan

      • 17:30The Old City of Zuoying

        Also known as the Old City of Fongshan County, the Old City of Zuoying is a national monument and an important cultural heritage which comprises of the most complete scope of a castle town and the affiliated buildings (Gongchen Gate, Gongchen Well, moat,

    • Kaohsiung people’s favorite night market

      • 18:00Rei Feng Night Market

        Close to Kaohsiung Arena Shopping District and schools, Rei Feng Night Market is deeply favored by the residents of Kaohsiung thanks to its good public transport and diversified dining and entertaining options. Exotic dainties are served with popular snac

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No.266, Chenggong 1st Rd., Kaohsiung City 801, Taiwan R.O.C.
We have the convenience of being situated in central downtown, without the usual noise and commotion. The Kaohsiung International Airport is a 20 minute drive from the hotel, and 10 minutes to the train station.