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  • A five-hour light trip Part 1

    • Tour Duration
      5 hours
    • Number of People
      More than two person
    Kaohsiung is a city which allows you to go up to the mountain
    and down into the sea within 10 minutes
    Climb up to Shoushan and visit Martial Arts Hall and Lover’s Tower
    Go downhill and turn to Hamasen
    For taking a ferry to Cijin
    • The field where young students practice martial arts

      • 09:15Shoushan Martial Arts Hall

        It is the place where police officers and young students practice judo and kendo during the period of Japanese rule. Kaohsiung Martial Arts Hall is the only existing spot of historic interest that tallies with the original function of use in Taiwan after

    • Overlooking Kaohsiung's day and night scenes

      • 10:00Shoushan Lover's Observatory

        Located next to Shoushan Martyr’s Shrine, the observatory features 32 types of declaration text of love that symbolizes the common language without borders. Here, the beautiful scenery of the enchanting night lights and the landscape of mountain and sea d

    • Take the ferry and discover the city of Kaohsiung from a different angle

      • 11:00Cijin and Cijin Seafood

        Famous for its seafood, ferry and historic and cultural monuments, Cijin is abundant in marine resources and seafood restaurants that stand throughout the entire old street. Cijin Beach, Cihou Fort, Cijin Shell Museum, Rainbow Arch, Cijin Tunnel of Stars

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How to Grand Hi-Lai Hotel
No.266, Chenggong 1st Rd., Kaohsiung City 801, Taiwan R.O.C.
We have the convenience of being situated in central downtown, without the usual noise and commotion. The Kaohsiung International Airport is a 20 minute drive from the hotel, and 10 minutes to the train station.