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  • A one-day trip to the flavorful small towns

    • Tour Duration
      one day
    • Number of People
      More than two person
    Cishan and Meinung are the two pearls in the suburban area of Kaohsiung
    A region known for banana production
    An important origin of Hakka culture
    Take a one-day trip to the amorous small towns
    And have a firsthand taste of the authentic Taiwanese flavor
    • Appreciate the dance of yellow butterflies

      • 10:00Meinung's Yellow Butterfly Valley

        Situated at the upper reaches of Gaoping River, Meinung's Yellow Butterfly Valley is an important bird habitat in Taiwan. The environment inside the valley provides an ample space for the larvae of the yellow butterfly to grow and forage while suppli

    • A prominent town that passes on Hakka culture

      • 11:00Meinung Old Street

        Meinung is the Youdui of Taiwanese Hakka Liudui. Reclaimed by a large number of Hakka Han people, Liudui area allows Meinung to preserve rich Hakka culture. It is one of the most eminent Hakka culture areas in southern Taiwan, with most of the residents b

    • The glamour of Meinong displayed by multimedia

      • 13:00Meinong Hakka Cultural Museum

        Meinong Hakka Cultural Museum is a museum full of originality and vitality. Multimedia including material objects, photographs, videos, documents, models and landscaping are used to present the glamour of Meinong. The cultural museum combines the design o

    • Similar to the cabin in the fairy tale

      • 15:00Cishan Station

        The octagonal pinnacles that make the hundred-year-old Cishan Station look like a cabin in the western fairy tale is a popular Japanese-Western eclectic building during the period of Japanese rule. It still seems to be quite lightweight and chic up to the

    • Reality of the replicate reedition Ciwei Branch Line

      • 15:15Cishan Station Sugar Railway Museum

        The government transformed Cishan Station into Cishan Station Sugar Railway Museum in the year of 2016, replicating the reality of buying tickets and taking the train of Ciwie Branch Line during the early periods. The Belgian-made steam locomotives are pr

    • The prosperity led by bananas

      • 17:00Cishan's Old Street

        Formerly known as Fanshuliao Street, Cishan's Old Street stretches out from Cishan Station. Featuring on circular arch verandas piled up by stones, the red brick buildings collocated with Baroque elevation form of the Renaissance show thoroughly the

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