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  • Kaohsiung Gourmand Map

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    The gourmets of Kaohsiung is everywhere
    Here we would like to recommend some of the most popular
    Breakfast shop, dessert, hotpot restaurants and old store snacks among the locals
    It is the Cliff’s notes version of Kaohsiung delicacies
    • The most popular breakfast shop in Kaohsiung

      • 06:00Xin Long Ju Breakfast

        The most popular Chinese traditional breakfast shop in Kaohsiung City, must-order menus include steamed buns and clay oven rolls. Especially the clay oven roll, it can be served with deep fried dough stick, spring onion eggs, vegetables or three-in-one.

    • One of the oldest stores in Yancheng District.

      • 12:00Ya Rou Ben

        Broken up from the original historic store “Ya Rou Zhen”, Ya Rou Ben is locals’ favorite as Ya Rou Zhen is always filled with customers from other places. Must-order menus include duck rice, duck blood jelly and duck platter. Service Hour: 10:00 to 20:30

    • Milkfish dishes

      • 12:00Wumiao Capital Milkfish

        A shop that goes viral because of the mayor Han Kuo-Yu, milkfish dishes from milkfish head, milkfish belly, and milkfish skin to milkfish intestine are principally served. Must-order menus include braised pork rice, pan-fried belly and soup mixture. Serv

    • The optimal choice for healthy and vegetarian diet

      • 12:00Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum

        There are many vegetarian restaurants inside Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum. Visitors can savor dainties in diverse styles and sit for a while to appreciate the scenery of Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum from different angles. Service Hour: 09:00 to 19:00 Cont

    • Snack extremely popular among travelers from Mainland China

      • 13:30Standard Taiwanese Churros

        Standard Taiwanese Churros in Lingya Market, just dredged up from the oil pan, the churros which are crispy outside and tender inside is simple and plain in texture like a sticky rice ball. It is an unforgettable taste for the locals. Service Hour: 13:30

    • Budget delicacy next to Sunfong Temple

      • 14:00Deng’s Tapioca Ball

        The traditional ice shop next to Sunfong Temple, both tapioca pearl ice and shaved ice with grass jelly are sold at only NTD 10 for dine-in. No extra fee will be charge for adding extra ice. It cannot be more generous. Service Hour: 11:00 to 23:00 Conta

    • Popular beverage shop nearby Kaohsiung Medical University

      • 14:00Xiao Ya Tea Shop

        Customers come in an endless stream in front of the stand. Taro sago sweet, inside of which granular taro paste can be savored, is the most popular dessert. It is thick and silky in texture. Service Hour: 11:00 to 21:00 Contact Number: 311-1098 Address

    • Popular delicacy in the lane

      • 15:00Xiayiguo Pan-fried Bun

        Small stall inside Yanchengpu lane, one will have to wait for the next round when buying the pan-fried bun as the snack is extremely popular and will be sold out quickly. The bottom layer is charred; the filling of meat and vegetables is in perfect propor

    • Popular banana cake souvenir

      • 16:00Ji Mei Pastry

        New ideas are infused into the historic store. Banana cakes, the most popular souvenir, are made with the selected Cishan bananas by following the ancient methods. Crumble Skin Puff is another signature dessert. Service Hour: 08:00 to 21:00 Contact Numb

    • Memory shared by Cishan people

      • 16:00Chang Mei Ice Shop

        The 70-year-old ice shop which accompanies the growth of Cishan people is the sweetest common memory. Banana ice and ice bars are delicious. If you have no idea what to choose, why not just order the signature ice dish! Service Hour: 09:00 to 19:30 Cont

    • The legendary restaurant that rises from naval base

      • 18:00Liu’s Traditional Juancun Food

        In the vicinity of Zuoying naval base, Liu’s Traditional Juancun Food is crowded with diners on holiday. The classic aromatic taste of military dependents' villages, the signature dishes it serves are more than you can imagine. The legendary restaur

    • A must-try drink at Liuhe Night Market

      • 18:00Zheng’s Papaya Milk

        Customers come in an endless stream in front of the stand inside Liuhe Night Market. Those who dare not to eat papaya cannot resist the palatable taste of the papaya Milk sold by the Zheng’s. The drink is fresh and mellow, very well-received by the touris

    • The owner is more worth seeing than the seafood dish

      • 22:00Beach Surf Grill

        Chef’s tasting seafood menu is offered. The biggest selling point is the cool, stylish owner. The ingredients, the first catch of the day, are selected by the owner who rushes to the fishery harbor in person before dawn. (Reservations are required to be m

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