Harbour Restaurant – 漢來大飯店 (The Grand Hi Lai Hotel)

Harbour Restaurant

The ceiling stretches high in a spacious restaurant that opens to the panoramic harbour view. The buffet style restaurant offers as many as over 100 dishes of Chinese, western and Japanese styles, and may host up to 320 guests at a time. The Harbour Restaurant invites you to enjoy a gourmet meal above the clouds.

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Han-Lai Harbor Restaurant SOGO Taichung Branch

Nearly 100 million NT was invested in the creation of this five-star dining environment.  Integrating the most fashionable interior design concepts of Japan, the building materials fuse seamlessly with the lines and high-tech LED technology lights. Just the labels of the various dishes are turned into a show of marquee lights. The inspiration for the restaurant comes from the famous harbor cities of the world. With more than 100 dishes from all types of foreign styles, customers can enjoy distinct tastes from all over the world.


漢來海港台南店12/31盛大開幕 與您相約台南南紡夢時代相見
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