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Hilai Ezstay

Hilai Ezstay

“HiLai EZ Stay” is a hotel equipped with technology, creativity, and light luxury where social intercourse takes place from time to time. We provide our guests with five-star light luxuries at affordable prices. This is the new-era hotel experience we promise our guests. The doors of HiLai EZ Stay are always open for you, the fan of technology, social media/intercourse, and fashion.
Hilai Ezstay

The story of the brand

The aesthetic-oriented Grand Hi-Lai Hotel has long been the provider of delicate accommodations and thoughtful services. With the trend of the diverse social media culture that connects technology and men shaping the current society, we, the Grand Hi-Lai Hotel, decided to expand our services and employ social network and technology, the two core powers that mark the future of our world today. In 2018, we rolled out “HiLai EZ Stay” and looked forward to creating a more charming accommodation experience. HiLai EZ Stay adheres to our signature classic and elegant decor and adds a little twist to it to make it more refreshing. The goal is to make the future of HiLai the synonym with social intercourse and technology.
“HiLai EZ Stay” is making the hotel a fun place! The core elements of “HiLai EZ Stay” are relaxation, privacy, freedom, and light luxury. In order to build this new brand that is based on smart technology, we have probed into different aspects, experimented with more creative experiences, and reinvented the conventional check-in process. Our guest can check themselves in in a blink of the eye and escape the time-consuming waiting line for checking in. Hi-Ro, our versatile AI robot butler, is always there to bring you the supplies you need and guide you through everything about the hotel. Simply put, your privacy and undisturbed leisure time from check-in to check-out are guaranteed here in HiLai EZ Stay.

How can we satisfy guests who fancy social network so much if we only offer regular hotel services?

In “the EZ Lounge” in “HiLai EZ Stay,” we offer plenty of context functions to create hotspots for and connect strange travelers.

You can meet fellow travelers from the four corners of the world and get a taste of the charm of casual social intercourse.

There are also venues dedicated to meeting and relevant equipment to be lent out in “the EZ Lounge” to stimulate your ideas and carry out your meeting.

    “The EZ Lounge” opens 24 hours a day and it serves not only as a place of amusement where you can engage in your smart social intercourse but also a corner for you to rest and learn new stuff.

You can read (all day if you want), take a nap, or grab a bite of exotic breakfast. Of course, we will not miss out the entertainment part (which means games!) of the EZ Lounge that can relax both your body and mind.

Call your friends to have some fun here! “The EZ Lounge” is the ideal place for social intercourse, meeting, and even meditation and we are sure that you will feel so comfortable here that you don’t even want to leave!


Accommodation experience

Reservation APP

Download the “HiLai EZ Stay” APP and become a member of “HiLai EZ Stay” by simply moving your fingers.

You can make your reservation with only a few simple steps. Don’t worry, making reservations with our APP will not expose your bill information. Your privacy is safe with us.

Log onto Google Play or App Store to download the “HiLai EZ Stay” APP and receive discounts from time to time.!


Self-service check-in machine

In HiLai EZ Stay, you can check yourself in with our self-service check-in machine in the lobby. The self-service check-in steps are simple with an easy-to-use inquiry system.

Check-in and check-out can be finished in as fast as 30 seconds. Say goodbye to the long queue and enjoy every second of your stay.

The robot butler Hi-Ro

As soon as you step in HiLai EZ Stay, our AI robot butler Hi-Ro will be the first one to greet you.

During your stay, if you need extra supplies or have other requests, just pick up the service phone and our smart Hi-Ro will be by your door with the things you need in no time.

The intention of Hi-Ro is to avoid disturbing our guests and protect their privacy.

EZ Guest Room
The bright and vibrant light that shines through the room makes everything seem delicate and clean. The space looks subtle and tranquil after being washed by sunlight. The best place for busy travelers to quickly settle down, relax, and rest.

The elegant and simple room design is dotted with subtle details. The Yuppie style of the room allows busy travelers to enjoy a moment of peace with slight luxuries.

Fascinating EZ Staty Experience

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How to Grand Hi-Lai Hotel
No.266, Chenggong 1st Rd., Kaohsiung City 801, Taiwan R.O.C.
We have the convenience of being situated in central downtown, without the usual noise and commotion. The Kaohsiung International Airport is a 20 minute drive from the hotel, and 10 minutes to the train station.