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  • Employee Benefits Employee Benefits

    • Staff meals including lunch and dinner for staff on duty are provided.
    • Labor insurance, health care insurance and group insurance are provided to ensure the safety of employees and share the burden of their families.
    • Staff shopping preferential price is provided to the staff through cooperation with Hanshin Department Store.
    • Bonus in three major festivals, birthday gift, domestic and foreign travel, year-end gala, staff injury or sickness visit and marriage and funeral allowances are all included in employee benefits.
    • In addition, the company provides employee health examination every year to ensure the health of staff and the safety of guests' meals.
    • Uniforms can be cleaned freely for the employees.
    • A medical room is set up to provide free physician consultation and health care services.
    • Other working rules of the hotel are stipulated pursuant with the Labor Standard Law.
  • Staff Training Staff Training

    • Orientation training is provided to the new employees to help them understand the regulations and business philosophy of our company.
    • Professional training courses of hotel industry are initiated to improve staff quality and customer satisfaction and enhance employees’ service skills and knowledge of wine.
    • Leadership courses are provided to the directors of each department to improve their leadership capabilities and increase staff cohesion.
    • Etiquette trainings are also given to the employees so as to develop better service manners and skills.
    • Language ability of the employees is enhanced to meet the standards of a five-star hotel.
    • Training on dealing with customer complaints is given to increase customer satisfaction and enhance employees’ crisis awareness and ability to cope with special situations.
    • As the employees are the most precious asset of our company, health lectures are provided irregularly to ensure their health.
    • Furthermore, various related training courses are offered to expatriate staff according to their work demands.
漢來國際飯店股份有限公司 (漢來大飯店)

1.須具備體育署核准之救生員證照。 2.游泳池秩序安全維護及週邊環境清潔維護。 3.需具良好接待禮儀及優良服務態度。 4.配合輪班輪休。5.具基礎外語會話。
1.須具備體育署核准之救生員證照。 2.游泳池秩序安全維護及週邊環境清潔維護。 3.需具良好接待禮儀及優良服務態度。 4.配合輪班輪休。5.具基礎外語會話。
1.負責客房的清潔與保養工作。 2.隨時注意房客動態。 3.控制客房備品之耗損。
1. 飯店營運系統維運。 2. 伺服器與網路設備管理。 3. 資訊設備軟硬體故障排除。 4. 具Web-based程式開發經驗者佳。
1.具飯店安全管理及維安經驗者,憲、警尤佳。 2.飯店出入口車輛管制及人員進出安全維護。 3.日夜間飯店巡查。 4.需配合輪班。
1.工時可彈性安排。 2.負責飯店客房房務整理、浴室清潔及補充備品等相關作業。 3.其他上級交辦事項。
1.客房家具維護及修繕。 2.客房內外木製門、窗、牆板等維護及修繕。 3.其他主管交辦事項。
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How to Grand Hi-Lai Hotel
No.266, Chenggong 1st Rd., Kaohsiung City 801, Taiwan R.O.C.
We have the convenience of being situated in central downtown, without the usual noise and commotion. The Kaohsiung International Airport is a 20 minute drive from the hotel, and 10 minutes to the train station.