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  • A three-hour light trip Part 2

    • Tour Duration
      3 hours
    • Number of People
      More than two person
    After the merger of Kaohsiung City and Kaohsiung County
    Fengshan becomes the place where city government is sited.
    Within the area stand historic monuments such as tutorial academy, fort
    And the blissful forest in the city.
    The restaurants are the favorite of the gourmands
    • The Blissful Forest of Kaohsiung

      • 10:30Dadong Wetland Park

        Located next to Exit 1 of KMRT Dadong Station across from Kaohsiung City Dadong Arts Center, Dadong Wetland Park is a multifunctional space which combines ecological observation with cultural recreation and pure water. Reputed to be the blissful forest of

    • Animated statues in the garden are both educational and entertaining

      • 11:20Fongyi Academy

        Animated statues in the garden are both educational and entertaining Built next to Fengshan Chenghuang Taoist Temple in 1814 during Jiaqing Emperor rule, Fongyi Academy has been designated as a 3rd Class Historic Site by the Ministry of the Interior sinc

    • Snacks and Refreshments in Fengshan District

      • 12:00Traditional taste of the ancient town

        Being once a celebrated ancient city, Fengshan consists of various historical sites rich in culture connotation. There are many delicacies to savor as well: Chishan meatball, porridge of ancient early taste, Liang Bo mutton, Fengshan thick rice noodles, a

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We have the convenience of being situated in central downtown, without the usual noise and commotion. The Kaohsiung International Airport is a 20 minute drive from the hotel, and 10 minutes to the train station.